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Something I read...

This is from a quirky, amusing review from, but I'm posting it here because it's kinda true in a way...and I like that they didn't make fun of Nikko the way they make fun of other contestants:

"Because he thought being awesome and having a wonderful and interesting voice and a real love of music would be good enough, and nobody told him the truth: that at this point you have to be an actual freak to get any interest because this is not a singing competition, it's a carnival show. And that sucks, because somebody should have told him. And Vonzell too. She needs to shave her head or come out singing naked or something, and with a quickness."

Also, my computer is having trouble streaming the video interview from the AOL American Idol site from Nikko, could anyone tell me what he says? I really wanted to see it. :(
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