Nikko Smith

Pride of St. Louis

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Welcome to the first livejournal community for Nikko Smith, contestant on American Idol!

1. No bashing. That is the biggest rule and bashing will NOT be tolorated. If you have a problem with a contestant, another poster, or even Nikko, take it elsewhere. If there is a re-occuring problem with another member of the community, contact a moderator and they'll help you sort it all out.
2. Please put any spoilers behind an LJ cut. This includes any results that may not have aired on the west coast yet, or if you go to an Idol taping and get any special information. Not everybody likes to know before hand.
3. Any posts are welcome. That includes any graphics you may have. Just please put them behind a cut. :)
4. Have a fun time!

Graphics in this journal are made by faeries_wing919.